Cool Things You Will Find in Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con

Cool Things You Will Find in Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con – One of the coolest comic conventions hits Los Angeles. Do you love reading comic? Do you want to meet the comic writer and creator? Get ready to visit Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con is the biggest comic convention that held in Los Angeles every year. There are many cool things you will find in Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. Check the information below to figure it out!
– Cosplay National Championship
Cosplay costume is one of the coolest things you can see in this Comic-Con. Many people share their passion and desire by showing their interest to comic through cosplay costume they wear at the comic event. Don’t be surprised when you see your favorite cartoon figure in front of you. A lot of hard work and effort put on the cosplay costume as their pride.
Many famous action and comic figures can be seen in Cosplay National Championship, such as Disney’s princess, Disney’s cruel characters, Spiderman, Dead pool, El Diablo, Joker, Harley Quinn, Gamora from the Guardians of Galaxy, the X-Men, you name it! There are hundreds or even thousands people take a part in this Cosplay National Championship. The costumes are awesome and the makeup is marvelous!

– The Guests
This is the best time to get closer to your favorite celebrities who usually you see in the movie. Every year, the Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con always presented many International celebrities, comic writer, producers, designer and other influential people who worked in movie and comic areas. You can’t miss the moment to take a picture and ask for their signs into your favorite comic.

A lot of starts arrive at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. They are Danny Trejo, Rob Liefeld, Skottie Young, Katie Cassidy, Tenacious D, Emilio Rivera, Katrina Law, Chris Burnham, Aniela Barer, Lyrica Okano, Angel Parker and many more.

– The Panels Discussion
This section is the best part for getting closer with the creative people behind the comic book and producers. If you are interested in the writing and making the process of the comic book, this panel discussion is the right place for you to learn and find new knowledge related to the comic’s world. You can learn from the expert and get their advice to build your knowledge more!

This event provides many things to learn and explore. By visiting Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, you can learn many cool things. Some cool things you will find in Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con are seeing the Cosplay National Championship, meeting international celebrities as guests and joinin to play games held at the event to win the grand prizes sponsored by sbobet company.