Get your game on in the Tabletop Gaming Hall, featuring MAGIC tournaments, miniature painting, open gaming, demos, and more, brought to you in partnership with Emerald Knights!

A badge for Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con or a Gaming Pass is required to enter the gaming area and play in tournaments. Gaming Passes are for those who only plan on attending Gaming events. Gaming Passes will not provide access to any other part of L.A. Comic Con.

The Tabletop Gaming Hall is located in Concourse Hall in the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center.


Open Magic Drafts All Day

We will be firing off a draft whenever we get 8 players. We will be drafting Ixalan, the newest set of Magic.

Date: All Weekend Long!
Entry: $15
Rounds: 3 of...

Friday, Oct. 27, Saturday, Oct. 29, and Sunday, Oct. 30

You awaken to find yourselves stripped of all gear and dressed only in modest attire. Characters find their bare hands and feet can only feel the cold of stone walls and...

Friday, October 27th

Join us for a sealed event using the Amonkhet Pre-Release boxes.

Date: Friday, October 27
Registration Ends: 2:00PM
Deckbuilding: 2:30PM
Round 1: 3:00PM
Entry: $30

Saturday, October 28th

Join us in drafting 3 packs of Modern Masters 2017.

Date: Saturday October 28th
Registration Ends: 11:00AM
Draft Begins: 11:30AM
Round 1: 12:30PM
Entry: $50

Saturday, October 28th

Join us for a sealed event using the Hours of Devastation Pre-Release boxes.

Date: Saturday, October 28th
Registration Ends: 10:00AM
Deckbuilding: 10:30AM
Round 1: 11:00AM