Ann Robinson

Saturday & Sunday

Born in Hollywood of an Ohio Family, California Native Ann Robinson from an early age performed for neighbors and at her local schools while enrolled in the famous Meglin Dancing School. An accomplished equestrian, she fibbed her way into the film industry doing stunts and later starring in several Westerns. Miss Robinson was a part of Paramount's "Golden Circle - Stars of Tomorrow" in the early 1950's and from that was chosen for the lead in Producer George Pal's, "The War of the Worlds"(1953). 1954 came with a move to Warner Brothers, having been selected by Jack Webb to star in his first "Dragnet" feature. During this time regular appearances were made on television's, "Fury" and "Rocky Jones Space Rangers". Producer Ross Hunter, in 1958, cast Miss. Robinson as the subject of colour for his redux of the controversial "Imitation of Life".
In 1957, Miss Robinson left Hollywood for Mexico City to marry the famous Matador, Jaime Bravo. Together they had two sons, Jaime, a five time Emmy Award winner for abc Sports and Estefan, a producer and entertainer for and on the stage.
A highlight in her life was being featured by Steven Spielberg for his 2005 "The War of the Worlds".
Miss Robinson has enjoyed attending Sci-Fi and film Conventions both home and abroad since 1977.