The Boxmasters

Scheduled to appear at the Source Point Press booth

In 2007, J.D. Andrew and Bud Thornton started a project that mixed early ‘60’s Hillbilly music and the British Invasion and called the band “The Boxmasters.” Now 10 years later, J.D., Bud, and Teddy Andreadis have released 7 albums (most double LP’s), and have toured across the U.S. and Canada multiple times. Now they are characters in a graphic novel called “The Boxmasters: A Twisted Tale Through Time” written by Garrett Gunn that will be released in August by Source Point Press.

The Boxmasters were introduced to Garrett Gunn by their front of house sound mixer, Mark Woodcock, who owns a comic book store in Redding, CA with his wife. Garrett presented his story concept to the band who were all very enthusiastic about the whole idea, and then Garrett and his illustrator Stan “Saint” Yak went to work. Early reviews commend Garrett and Stan on their work.

This is not the first time that The Boxmasters have been transformed into animated characters. In 2008, Dell Computers commissioned 3 animated shorts based on The Boxmasters that were featured in their online space called the “Dell Lounge.” Being comic heroes doesn’t slow The Boxmasters down in regards to their songwriting and recording output. The Boxmasters will be putting the finishing touches on their next album during the late summer and are currently booking a U.S. & Canadian tour for 2018. Also, the band is working on putting together a DVD of concert footage from the 2017 tour stops in Huntsville and Florence, Alabama.