Harvey Del Rey

Friday. Saturday. Sunday

Harvey Del Rey is a self-taught, upcoming artist living and working in Anaheim, California. Born in 1986, Harvey found his passion for music and art of all genres and decades at the tender age of 5. Some of his influences include Frida Kahlo, Madonna, Andy Warhol, and Richard Bernstein. Growing up gay in a traditional Mexican household and neighborhood, he struggled to find his true artistic vision up until 2013, when he finally discovered himself and channeled his love for pop culture through a paintbrush. Since that faithful day, Harvey has been in the running to design the logo for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, he’s been recognized by several LGBT and HIV/AIDS organizations for his contributions through art, was an exhibitor at the first ever Rupaul’s DragCon, and is a frequent collaborator with many drag icons, including contestants from every season of Rupaul’s Drag Race. He is currently working on several different projects including a t-shirt line, drag art collaborations, & several fundraisers to help the victims families in Orlando, Florida.

Instagram &Twitter: @harveydelreyy