Jon Schnepp

Friday. Saturday. Sunday

Jon Schnepp is a Director, Writer, Producer and Artist known for the highly acclaimed feature film "The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?" that he made with his partner Holly Payne, which is a documentary about the proposed 1998 "Superman Lives" feature film that would have been the most original and strangest Superman ever. Jon is also known for designing and creating the band characters of Dethklok as well as directing/co-producing on all seasons of the megahit Adult Swim animated series "Metalocalypse".

Jon has made original programming for Cartoon Network, FX, MTV, Nickelodeon, SpikeTV, Adult Swim, and Comedy Central. He graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and went on to edit "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast", direct "The Upright Citizens Brigade", design and VO on"Aqua Teen Hunger Force", co-direct "Marvel's animated Black Panther", write the "Underworld" animated series, directed a bunch of heavy metal music videos, and wrote and directed the "W" segment for the feature "ABC's of Death".

Schnepp is a regular panelist on the daily "Collider Movie Talk", and is the Host of the comic book based daily show "Collider Heroes" and "Comic Book Shopping", which is now in production on its second season, all available to watch on YouTube.

Jon most recently wrote the brutal comic series for the band "Slayer" for their self titled comic book "Slayer: Repentless" from Dark Horse Comics. He also has been a very independent producer and artist, raising money on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter to not only make the animated pilot "Grimm Fairy Tales, and the feature film "The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?", but also to make his own creations like the verse poetry book "Isolated Mutations of the Assembly Line Baby", and the recent comic book graphic Novel "FIVE". Jon Schnepp will be at Booth #1407 all weekend, as well as hosting four panels at the convention over Saturday and Sunday.