Ken Lashley

Saturday & Sunday

Ken has always loved comics from when he was a young boy growing up in Toronto. His mother bought him his first book..Black Panther. Ken is pretty sure his mom never read the issue before she gave it to was the Black Panther vs the KKK…ken has been hooked on comics ever since .

Ken has been comic book veteran working on such titles as Excalibur,X-caliber age of Apocalypse, Black Panther, Xmen, Spiderman, Flash, JLA, Superman, Superman-DOOMED and others.

Ken is one of DC comics go to cover artist, having done covers for Batwing, Ravagers, Heman, Superboy, earth2, Red hood and the Outlaws, Superman-Wonderwoman, Superman , Batman , Suicide Squad to name a few.

Ken is currently working at Marvel comic premiere Xmen title.

Outside of comics ken has worked for Hasbro, Lucasfilm, Mattel and Fox Sports.creating designs for such line as G.I Joe, transformers, Spiderman, Avengers and Starwars. the work created for Foxsports was nominated for a Emmy.

Ken has worked for hasbro for over 12 years on different aspects of the Starwars brand. ken was the pencil artist behind the STARWARS UNLEASHED line , creating the blister art which graced the packages. the BOBA FETT busting out of the sarlaac pit is kens fav as he was blessed to create the design for the toy as well as he package art.

Ken has also done countless illustrations for Lucasfilm which has graced over 600 products world wide. Lucasfilm has used these illustrations for various applications from playing cards to bedsheets..yes he has them on his bed as we speak.

The most well known STARWARS job has the be the star wars car created at the San Deigo Comic Con in 2011. Ken drew live on a 2012 VW passat, drawing images from all 6 movies in Sharpie over 4 days….. it was his favourite job ever…