Mike Vosburg

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Growing up in Michigan Mike Vosburg became active in comic fandom producing one of the first comic’s fanzine, Masquerader, in the early 60’s. After earning a BA in Education and English Literature, he taught school for three years before he began working for Marvel and DC comics on such titles as Starfire, Secret Society of Super Villains, G.I. Joe, She Hulk, Master of Kung Fu, Ms. Marvel, and John Carter.

After moving to LA in l985, Voz then began working in animation as a story board artist for Bionic Six, Gi Joe, and HBO’s Spawn, where he won an Emmy award for directing. He also created all the faux comic book covers used in the HBO series Tales from the Crypt. In this century he worked storyboarding the Chronicles of Narnia films, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and the current remake of Annie. He now spends his time working on his own illustrations and his creator owned comic creations, Lori Lovecraft, Retrowood, and The Mad Mummy.