Nate Richert

Saturday Only

Nate Richert, best known for his role as Harvey Kinkle on the hit series “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” has been a part of the entertainment business ever since he booked a US Armed Forces commercial at the age of six. He spent a decade at the acclaimed dance school, Larkin Dance Studio, training in tap, jazz, and ballet and appeared on Ed McMahon’s “Star Search,” at age seven and again at age twelve. At eight, he travelled to Japan to dance on “The Amazing Kids Show,” for Japanese television.

At seventeen, graduating from high school a semester early, Nate moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of an acting career. Within his first year, he landed national commercial spots for Doritos and Kellogg’s Corn Pops, a pilot starring Alan Thicke, and of course, his role as TGIF’s heartthrob, Harvey. Nate’s other film and television credits include “Fantasy Island” with Malcolm McDowell, “The Tony Danza Show,” “Touched By An Angel,” “Game Box 1.0” with Danielle Fishel, and a cameo in “Lovely & Amazing” with Catherine Keener and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Nate is also an accomplished songwriter and musician. He uses acoustic guitar in his songwriting process and also plays drums, harmonica, banjo, bass guitar, and just a bit of musical saw. Nate’s songwriting stems from his love of the rudiments of Americana music and he has released three albums entitled “Tone Control,” “Broken Bottles,” and “Halogen Moon,” all available on iTunes. His song, “The Girl I Haven’t Met,” can currently be heard on a commercial for Kerrygold USA’s Irish dairy products.

Recently, Australian photographer and artist, Oli Sansom, photographed and interviewed Nate for a project entitled “Mannequin,” which delves into Nate’s creative process as an artist, as well as that of Tami Stronach from “The Never Ending Story.” It will be available to view online sometime this year.

Nate currently resides in Los Angeles, studies and performs at “The Second City Hollywood,” and is starting to audition for acting roles again. You will likely see him back on your screen soon.