Neal Adams

Saturday & Sunday

“He revived Batman, saved the X-Men, challenged the system and changed comics forever.” –Wizard Magazine
“Describe him in one word? Genius.” – Joe Quesada, Editor in Chief, Marvel Comics.
“He’s a pivotal figure in the world of comics. He has positively altered the state, the ethical structure of the industry, and always for the better.” --Harlan Ellison
“Adams transformed Batman into the sleek, brooding Dark Knight depicted onscreen for the past two decades.” -Brian Lowry -- Variety
“Who is the greatest living comic book artist? As I’ve said before, my vote is for Neal Adams”- Geoff Boucher –LA Times

Neal had legendary ‘runs’ on Batman, X-Men, Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Deadman. Adams rescued Batman from the campy TV show, and transformed him into his present, “Avenger of the Night” persona. When people say ‘modern Batman,’ they mean Neal Adams’ Batman. His run led directly to the realistic incarnation seen in “Batman Begins ”, and the “The Dark Knight” movies. Creator of Ras Al Ghul , now featured in the “Arrow” series, and pretty much created the Green Arrow, and Merlyn characters we see in the “Arrow” TV show.

This year Neal is having a huge year. February was “Neal Adams Month” with 28 homage covers for DC, penciled by Neal and inked by other artists the likes of Jim Lee, Frank Miller, Brian Bolland, Simon Bisley, and Walt Simonson.
His Batman Omnibus, and a Green Arrow, Green Lantern Absolute shipped this summer, and his six-part “Coming of the Supermen” mini series is a huge hit. ”. It features what we refer to as, “Your Superman”. Superman, with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Neal is also channeling Jack Kirby’s New Gods!

And if that’s not enough, Neal's Graphic Novel called “Blood” from Dark Horse features the first animated lenticular lens cover ever done in this Industry! Neal is really on fire.
He is currently working on a 38-page Harley Quinn VS. Superman Book, which is destined to be winner, in addition to Book 2 of the relaunch of Kamandi. It’s chock full of Jack Kirby characters, dinosaurs and all!
There is yet another huge project Neal is working on, but I can't speak about that quite yet.

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