Nicholas Gazin

Saturday & Sunday

"In much the same way that Captain Caveman was basically just a thinly cohesive cloud of fur, limbs, and violent energy, Nicholas Gazin can best be described as a hirsute semi-blurry orb of artistic inertia. Born in the wagon of a traveling show, Nick has been harassing members of New York's art and music scenes into accepting him since his teenage years, which are a lot farther in the past than he would like to admit. At present he is juggling the roles of illustrator, comics man, "nightlife photographer," general gadfly, singer/front-person, and lover of ladies, all under strict and generally long-past deadlines. Sadly, his rate of production is responsible for an ever-increasing build-up of new assignments. If you are familiar with the mathematical concept of asymptote, you understand the dire situation that Nick's affairs are in. It is also completely wrecking his health and good looks."

-Thomas Morton