Peach MoMoKo

Friday. Saturday. Sunday

She is a Japanese post apocalyptic lethal, brutal, free-lancing, commissioning, machine gunning 5 feet tall illustrating machine flying all the way from Japan.

Her art is mostly known in the underground scene in Japan. Many of her art is themed around war and the female adolescence. She has been emerging and has recently started making comics, movie posters and winning awards in her inking skills. Peach focuses on the small details yet leaves enough simplicity that is easy for your eyes... art approach with a unique fusion of Japanese manga/illustration + american pin up + comic style.

Peach mainly focuses on art galleries showcasing her works. She has shown not only in Tokyo but also several parts of US and Europe.

Peach is also one of the regular artists published in the US magazine, Girls and Corpses. Japanese Magazine, Kikan S.

Peach will be bringing brand new original (and affordable) artworks to Comikaze 2016! Other than her original artwork, Peach will be doing on the spot commissions all throughout the event.

Thank you and I hope I see all of you at Comikaze 2016.
Peach MoMoKo

Please check out Peach's artworks on her website at
And her twitter can be found at @peachmomoko60
Instagram at @peachmomoko60