Pete Von Sholly

Saturday and Sunday

Pete Von Sholly has been drawing since childhood, when he was mesmerized by the cult magazine Famous Monsters of Flimland and devoured classic monster movies on black and white television long after the family had gone to bed. His fascination led to a long career as a Hollywood scoreboard artist on over 100 feature films, including The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The mist, The Mask, Darkman and Mars Attacks! He has a storyboarded Pumpkinseed, Pinhead and (the Hellraiser series), Jason from Friday the 13th, two Freddy Kruegers (3 & 4) and three Chuckies (Bride of, Seed of, and Curse of)!

In addition, he has churned out monster filled graphic novels, model kits, and trading cars published by Dark Horse, IDW, BOOM!, Kitchen Sing and others. Most recently, he has created lavishly illustrated editions classic horror books by H.P. Lovecraft, Joe R. Lansdale and Stephen King. Even his two ventures into political satire, praised by The Washington Post and cited by The Village Voice as best comics of the year, graphically depict what he considers the real monsters of our time: politicians. His artistic obsession has culminated in an unprecedented opus entitled Pete Von Sholly's History of Monsters. This astounding work traces the evolution and proliferation of monsters through all human history and many cultures, with over 1,100 different examples intertwined into a colorful, informative and fascinating book on a scale that has never before been attempted.

Take a guided tour through the dark side of legend, myth, superstition, fiction, animation, film, television and even cryptozoology, and meet every monster that has haunted your nightmares - And white a few that haven't yet - in this fantastic paranormal wrought with the skills of a mature master of the genre.