Ryan Sohmer

Friday. Saturday. Sunday

At just 37 years old, Ryan Sohmer has amassed a body of comics writing work that rivals those twice his age.

In 2003, Sohmer created Least I Could Do, a newspaper-style strip that is published online daily at www.licd.com. The strip follows Rayne Summers, a not-so average narcissistic 20-something who is living a life that is best described as "consequence free." Joining Rayne are his best friends, Noel, John, Mick, and Issa. Over the years, the cast has ballooned to include over 30 different characters, each one playing an intricate role in the life of Rayne Summers.

In 2008 Sohmer and artist Lar deSouza brought Least I Could Do to a 7-day publishing schedule with the debut of LICD: Beginnings, a Sunday-style comic focusing on the childhood adventures of Rayne Summers. Even with this hectic schedule, Least I Could Do and Looking For Group are published on time and regularly, a distinction that most web-based comics do not enjoy.

Sohmer also created and writes the incredibly popular comic Looking For Group. A fantasy-comedy, Looking For Group centers around a group of warriors including the heroic Cale, and the wildly popular Richard The Undead Warlock. Looking For Group is published twice a week at LFG.co. In 2014, two spinoff strips began; NPC and Tiny Dick Adventures, bringing LFG’s publishing schedule to 5 days a week.

In 2008 Sohmer and deSouza won a Shuster Award for their work on both Looking For Group and Least I Could Do.

Combining the Least I Could Do books, the Looking For Group hardcover and single issues, over 30,000 books have been sold directly to fans, as well as through Blind Ferret Entertainment, the parent company of Sohmer's creative endeavours.

Sohmer lives in Montreal, Canada with his wife and many children. They are considering starting a softball team.