T.J. Troy

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Grammy® Award-winning artist T.J. Troy has been a musician and comics fanatic since the age of 4. A Los Angeles-based musician/writer/producer for over 20 years, his passion for comics and music didn’t formally cross paths until 2012, when Run Downhill was created. This cross-contextualization of original Americana/folk music, comic book art and narrative, and multi-media live performance continues to garner praise from music and comic professionals, journalists, and audiences alike. With the group, T.J. has released 4 albums of original music and 2 accompanying comic books: the revolutionary SPURS #1 motion comic was an official selection at the Seattle Transmedia and Independent Film Festival (STIFF 2015), and his most recent work, SPURS #2.2/Midnight Road Trip, has been lauded as “…one of the best albums that you will come across in a very long time…” (Sheila Hopper, Band Blurb). His musical compositions have garnered international acclaim, earning the Gaia Award from the Moondance International Film Festival (2005), and his comic and fiction writing has been featured in Grim Magazine, Nuvein Magazine, and Crimson Feet, and numerous comic book anthologies.
T.J.’s voice and bass marimba performance on ensemble Partch’s “Plectra and Percussion Dances” contributed to the group’s 2014 Grammy® Award for Best Classical Compedium. He has premiered operatic works from composers Anne LeBaron and Gavin Bryers, and performed with Aashish Khan, Ken Zuckerman, Mamak Khadem, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Sahba Motallebi, wildUp, the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet, Cirque du Soleil, and many more. He appears annually as a featured performer/lecturer at the 2015 Seattle World Rhythm Festival, and was a featured clinician at PASIC 2016.