Nerd Fest

Doctor Who Live
The cast of Doctor Who Live takes a suggestion from the audience and uses it as inspiration to create a fully improvised episode of Doctor Who – never before seen on TV or stage and never to be seen again!

From a strange ancient land of perpetual storms, stony shores, and thick verdant forests - Blackhaven hails. They sing the songs forgotten by time including fantasy covers and originals.

Participants: Lady Nightsong and Lord Barclay with their traveling companions... Jay "The Raven" Corvidae, Toadias Maximus, Koi Anunta, Bec Hollcraft, Clint Fowler

The Corps Dance Crew
A professional dance crew dedicated to all things anime and comics. Bringing fandoms to life through dance, for everyone to enjoy.

Comic-Con The Musical
Comic-Con The Musical is a comedy with original music that follows a trio of con-attendees on their path to friendship, artistry, and inner acceptance. With its celebration of fandoms, diversity, and nerds of all kinds, Comic-Con the Musical runs on both laughs and heart. With the help of a Dungeon Master narrator, the audience is taken on a journey of what it’s like to be at a Con, from the cosplayers to the signings to the long lines to the feeling that anything could happen. And at this Con, it does. A celebrity movie mogul announces a life-changing contest, a TV show creator seduces a superfan to steal her ideas, and an actual alien tries to take over the world. Ultimately, everyone learns to be proud of who they really are and embrace their inner superpower. If you come in costume, you can participate in the Costume Contest! There will be a winner each show!

Participants: Luke Adams, Spencer Carney, Michael D’Elia, Mariah Rose Faith, Jessica Gardner, Davis Macleod Haines, Abigail Herman Margulis, Holly King, Christina Lea, Mark Lewis, Sierra Marshall, Ryan Shrime, Shawn Skye

The Show That Shall Not Be Named
The Show That Shall Not Be Named is a wizarding themed improv comedy troupe from Los Angeles. Formed in 2014, TSTSNBN has thrown and performed at huge sold out events at The Last Bookstore, The Perky Nerd, Barnes & Noble at The Grove, Whismic Alley, and Bad Owl Coffee (Las Vegas). In addition they have performed at many Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Comic Book conventions including Stan Lee’s Comikaze, Leviosa Con, Strategicon, and more. They have also been seen at top comedy venues such as iO West, UCB, The Nerdist, and have even performed live on Geek & Sundry. Each show tells a completely new story, made up on the spot based on the wizarding world and YOUR suggestion. You will never see the same show twice.

Participants: Becky Sanders, Crystal Franceschini, Justin Baker, Russ Gooberman, Stephanie Pressman, Steve Kaufmann and Tami Hillberry.

The 4242 Intergalympics have arrived and the bitter rivalry between the people of Earth and Mars is at an all-time fever pitch. An epic race around the Sun concludes the games, but when an untimely incident renders Earth’s competitors unable to race, a haphazard crew must step in as last minute replacements. Will they succeed? Find out in this high-speed, high-stakes original musical comedy from the creators THUG TUNNEL. Ready. Set. Space!

Participants: Chris Bramante, Miles Crosman, Molly Dworsky, Sam Johnides, Branson NeJame, Kat Primeau and Dave Reynolds, Sam Johnides, Branson NeJame, Chris Sousa, Max Mayer

Robot Teammate and The Accidental Party
Founded in 2012, Robot Teammate has established itself as one of LA’s premier musical comedy groups, wowing theatergoers by creating improvised musicals based on audience suggestions at venues including UCB, iO West, Westside Comedy, and LA ComicCon. In 2015, they began scripting their improvisations with the original space(time) opera, TIMEHEART (Nominee – Best Musical). Their 2016 dystopian musical THUG TUNNEL received A Little New Music’s Outstanding Songwriting Award and was nominated for Best Musical, Best World Premiere, Top of the Fringe, Ripest Show, Most Orgasmic Writing, two Most Unleashed Performance nominations, and the Spirit of Fringe Award.

Participants: Chris Bramante, Miles Crosman, Molly Dworsky, Sam Johnides, Branson NeJame, Kat Primeau and Dave Reynolds

Drunkards and Dragons
Drunkards & Dragons travels back to 900 A.D. to take you on an improvised journey rife with beasts, blunders, and boorish bafoons!

Participants: Collin Turner, Tim Smith, Dalex Miller, Holly McKee Clark, Russ Gooberman, Breon Bliss, Bear Badeaux, Leeann St John, Michael Minto

The Idiot's Lantern
The Idiot’s Lantern is a sketch comedy troupe lead by Bob Mitsch to explore the comical side of all forms of geekdom. The Idiots have been performing to sold out crowds since 2009.

Participants: Adam Ferry, Alexander Daniels, Andrew Elkins, Athena Stamos, Aubrey West, Bob Mitsch, Brandon Hillock, Chad Evett, Erik Hoard, Joshua Poole, Kelly Delcambre, Kevin Kittridge, Lauren Bancroft, Scott Sebring, Teri Samuels, Tony Lee, Travis Richey, Valerie Perez, and Vickie Sebring.

8-Bit Jazz Heroes
A duo that arranges and performs jazz interpretations of classic video game music (with the occasional movie or TV theme in there). They’ve performed at the biggest conventions, the smallest parties and everything in-between

Participants: Adam Bellotto and Robby Delosier

Buffy Kills Edward
Buffy Kills Edward is a hilarious crossover musical parody that answers the question what would happen if the worlds of Buffy and Twilight collided?

Participants: Sherry Berg, Corinne Mestemacher, Lauren Sperling, Kim Dalton, Casey Suddeth, Cory Robison, and Matt Thomas