Oct 27 2017 - 11:30pm

Wristbands for the Halloween Cosplay Ball, FREE for 3-Day Multipass and Saturday badge holders and featuring a performance by Black Eyed Peas and Friends, will be distributed at 2pm in the Concourse Hallway.

Line up will begin at 1pm in the doorways leading from the South Hall into the Concourse Hall, in front of the vending machines. Look for the sign that says Wristband Queue Starts Here.

No one will be allowed to line up prior to 1pm. You may not linger or camp out in the hallway, other than in areas designated for seating, before 1pm.

TWO lines will be formed – one for Multipass badge holders, and one for Saturday badge holders.

You MUST have a badge to be in line. Only ONE wristband per person.

At 2pm, distribution of wristbands will start with the Multipass badge holder line, and will continue until either the line is emptied or there are no more wristbands, whichever comes first.

If there are still wristbands left once the Multipass line has been emptied, then wristband distribution will begin for Saturday badge holders, and will last until either the line is emptied or there are no more wristbands, whichever comes first.

Once we begin distributing wristbands to the Saturday badge holders, and Multipass badge holders must queue up at the back of the SATURDAY badge holders line. We will not be running a second Multipass line, and we will not be “fastpassing” Multipass badge holders.

If there are still wristbands remaining after both lines have been emptied, then wristbands will be handed out on-site at Club Novo on a first-come, first-served basis; you still must have a Multipass or Saturday badge.

If you have an Ultimate VIP badge or Black Eyed Peas Masters of the Sun Halloween Cosplay Ball badge, you do not need to wait in the wristband line; your badge will grant you access to the VIP lounge, and you will receive your wristband once at the venue. However, if you want to be on the main floor and not in the VIP section, then you MUST wait in line for a regular wristband. You will not be able to bring non-VIP pass holders with you to the VIP area; they will not be granted access.

Exhibitors, Guests, Press, Professionals, Panelists or any other unpaid badge will NOT be given a wristband unless there are any left over after both Multipass and Saturday badge holder lines have been emptied; they may be collected at Club Novo on a first come, first serve basis.

GETTING A WRISTBAND DOES NOT GUARANTEE ENTRY TO CLUB NOVO. There is a maximum capacity at the venue at which point anyone with a wristband will need to wait to be let in as others leave, on a one-to-one basis.

Doors for the Halloween Cosplay Ball are at 7pm.

Enjoy the Halloween Cosplay Ball!

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