Make Cupcakes, Hang with Tara Strong, and get a chance to win a SIGNED Star Wars: The Last Jedi Poster

Dec 7 2017 - 1:00pm

Join us at Stan Lee's L.A. Comic Con Star Wars Holiday Cupcake Mixer!

Make your geeky Star Wars dessert fantasies come true this Holiday Season!

The L.A.Comic Con Team invites you to come play with your food at Duff's Cakemix Do-It-Yourself Studio in West Hollywood! Put some of your Star Wars love into decorating cupcakes alongside other fans in a delicious, nerdy environment.

Not only will you have the chance to decorate delicious cupcakes, but also you will have the chance to do so alongside special celebrity guests - like voice actress Tara Strong, comic artist Bernard Chang, voice actor Scott Menville, and other surprise guests!

You'll also have the chance to win prizes for Best Star Wars Cupcake Creation, Best Costume and Best Overall Design. Prizes include:

Star Wars: The Last Jedi poster signed by the CAST! (courtesy of our friends at Disney & Lucasfilm!)
Tickets to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi!
A poster signed by The Stan Lee!

What better way to celebrate the holidays in a geeky fashion? Come in Cosplay or dressed as a Muggle. Or even better, come in your favorite Star Wars costume! Bring your friends and family. Make cupcakes!


Use code "HOLIDAY" and get 20% off your ticket purchase!

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