Prop Making National Championship Submissions are NOW OPEN!

Sep 26 2017 - 8:00pm

Want to enter the 2017 L.A. Comic Con Prop Making National Championships?

For purposes of this contest, a “prop” is a single item, typically an accessory, which must function as a display piece on its own merit (regardless of whether it could be used as part of a full costume). For example, a full set of Iron Man armor would NOT be considered a “prop” since it is a costume – however, an Iron Man helmet or glove WOULD be considered a prop, so long as it could exist independently of the remaining costume.

Additionally, to qualify as a “prop” the item must be of a size/weight that is (or may be) held and transported by hand. Helmets, weapons, shields, backpacks, and other accessories all can be considered props.

Submissions must be a majority original, scratch-built work.

All submissions must include substantial evidence that the prop was made by the person submitting it, in the form of Work in Progress photos and/or video. If entrants do not have adequate evidence at the time of submission, entrants may be contacted and asked to provide it. Additionally, entrants may provide further evidence during the Pre-Judging portion of the Contest, taking place at LA Comic Con. All decisions as to the validity of provided evidence will be up to the sole determination of the judges. Any entrant that fails to adequately demonstrate creative ownership of their prop may be disqualified, at judge’s discretion. All decisions will be final.

Prop may be made specifically for this contest, or preexisting.

No more than 2 persons may work on a submission.

Only one submission per contestant.

All entries must be submitted by October 16, 2017 through the Cosmunity app.

Fan Favorite Award
All entrants to the Prop Making National Championship will be asked to place their prop on public display for the duration of LA Comic Con. This is purely optional, and entrants may decline without affecting their chances of winning the Prop Making National Championship.

Entrants will be allowed to remove their prop from display for personal use at any time.

Further details about how to provide the prop for display will be emailed to entrants at such time as their prop has been accepted.

Attendees of LA Comic Con will each be allowed to cast a single vote for their favorite prop through the Cosmunity app. The contest entry with the most “likes” on the Cosmunity app as of 11:59pm PST on Saturday October 28th will win the Fan Favorite Award, and be announced and receive a trophy during the stage show portion of the Prop Making National Championship, Sunday, October 29th.

Only one submission per contestant. This submission must be the same prop as is entered in the Prop Making National Championship.


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