FREE Halloween Cosplay Ball with The Black Eyed Peas

Tickets and restrictions for the free Halloween Cosplay Ball featuring The Black Eyed Peas at The Novo!

-To gain entry at The Novo you will need your con badge along with a wristband that will be handed out during the convention.

-Wristbands: you may begin to line up Saturday at 1pm in the Concourse Hall near the food court (there will be signs). Wristbands will be given out at 2pm w/ priority to 3-Day and then Saturday customer badges before anyone else is considered.

-The line at The Novo will begin at 5pm. Doors open at 7p. More wristbands than capacity will be given out to ensure we are always full and as many people as possible get a chance to go. There will be a line most of the night and we recommend queuing up early. No re-entry. If you leave you must go back to the line queue.

-Weapons/props policy is the exact same as the convention itself: nothing that appears gun-like, including fantasy laser guns. All “weapons” must have the convention peace check identification still on them.

-BAGS: nothing larger than a purse may be brought in. No large bags, or backpacks. Please drop those at your vehicle if possible. There will be an inexpensive bag check on site for you to utilize if this is an issue.

-Photography: all cameras will be allowed, however camera bags are subject to the same no-bag policy enumerated above.
For media outlets wishing to cover the event there is a special procedure, space permitting, Please contact [email protected]