Battle of the Flashes: Who is the Fastest Man Alive?

One of the highest rated comic book shows, and most anticipated superhero in the Justice League film, Flash is known for his speed, heart, humor, and soul. From Barry Allen, to Wally West, and the likes of Jay Garrick and Bart Allen, being the Flash is a legacy, one that spans generations. Join DC Comic writing and artist legends, fans, historians, and scientists, as they battle to decide: Who is truly the Fastest Man Alive?
Date and time: 
Saturday, October 28, 2017 - 10:00am
406 A B
Genre / Topic: 
Jessica Tseang
Elliot S. Maggin (DC writer/a legend, Miracle Monday)
Jim Thompson (Comic book historian, Esquire)
Zack Beseda (Zack for Reel, film critic)
Tamara Brooks (writer for CBR, Geek and Sundry)
Omar Spahi (CEO and President OSSM Comics, executive producer)
Nick Alexander (New York Comedy Festival/Laughs on FOX)
Panel Type: 
Panel Discussion
Panel Length: 
50 Minutes