Comic Creator Communities

Creators! It’s dangerous to go alone, join one of these! Be you writer or artist, know that there are others out there like you who want to meet you, and Ralph Miranda (Man Fighting Street, DownTown LA Drink and Draw), Vince Moore (Total Recall, Koffee and Komics), Scott Lost (Accidental Aliens), Tiffany McLeod (WoNBaTs), Jose Cardenas (Universe Protectors) and John Ercek (Aspen comics, Sketchy Bug Group) along with special guest Jennifer Fabos Patton (Gallery Girls) will show you how. Learn where to find a support community, how communities can help you finish your projects, and how you can start a community if there isn’t one near you.
Date and time: 
Saturday, October 28, 2017 - 12:00pm
301 A
Genre / Topic: 
John Ercek
Vince Moore
Ralph Miranda
Scott Lost
Jose Cardenas
Jennifer Fabos Patton
Romaina Tiffany McLeod
Panel Type: 
Panel Discussion
Panel Length: 
50 Minutes