Directing Your Comic Book - A Discussion on the Writer/Artist Relationship with Action Lab Alums Rylend Grant and David Pepose

This panel will carefully examine the writer/artist relationship in comics creation. Specifically, it will cast creator/writers in the role of "director" of their book. Our hope is the give the audience a very good idea of what it takes to get your script ready for your artist (or your cinematographer/production designer), what working with a colorist and letterer is like/what is expected of you, and how best to see that your original "vision" for the book ends up on the finished page.
Date and time: 
Saturday, October 28, 2017 - 1:00pm
403 B
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RYLEND GRANT is the writer/creator of ABERRANT which will be released this winter by Action Lab Entertainment.
-RYLEND GRANT has been a steadily working Hollywood screenwriter for a solid decade, developing film and television projects with folks like Ridley Scott, Justin Lin, and F. Gary Gray He has a masters in film directing from the American Film Institute.
-DAVID PEPOSE is the creator of SPENCER & LOCKE for Action Lab Entertainment. He has interned at DC Comics and worked for years as a writer/editor at NEWSARAMA.
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Panel Discussion
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50 Minutes