The Kaiju Kingdom Podcast: The Rise of Legendary's MonsterVerse

Co-Hosts Chris Eaton and Jessica Tseang bring together a panel of Godzilla history authors, experts, and actors (TOHO and Legendary) as they discuss how the King of the Monsters has influenced Western film studios, as Legendary prepares Godzilla 2, Pacific Rim 2, and the giant blockbuster King Kong Vs Godzilla in 2020.
Date and time: 
Saturday, October 28, 2017 - 11:00am
301 A
Genre / Topic: 
Jessica Tseang and Chris Eaton
Kim Horcher (host for Nerd Alert, The Young Turks)
Steve Ryfle (Author of Godzilla Encyclopedia)
Mark Jaramillo (producer of Wolfman vs. Godzilla)
TJ Storm (actor Godzilla 2014/Colossus from Deadpool)
Jay Washington (host Collider/Screen Junkies)
Panel Type: 
Panel Discussion
Panel Length: 
50 Minutes