Starting Your Own Comic Book Label - The HexComix Story

A few years back three maverick women - Lisa K. Weber, Kelly Sue Milano, and Lynly Forrest - started an independent comic book label called HexComix as a platform to promote and sell their comic book title Hex11. They've grown quite a bit since then and have started taking on other creators' work. They were recently nominated for a Dwayne McDuffie award for Diversity. Here, we will examine their decision to forego the traditional publishing routes and take Hex11 to market themselves.
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Saturday, October 28, 2017 - 11:00am
406 A B
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RYLEND GRANT has been a working Hollywood screenwriter for a solid decade, developing film and television projects with folks like Ridley Scott, Justin Lin, and F. Gary Gray. His first comic title, ABERRANT, will be released by Action Lab this winter.
-LISA K. WEBER is the creator and artist of Hex11 and a partner in HexComix.
-KELLY SUE MILANO is the writer of Hex11 and a partner in HexComix.
-LYNLY FORREST is the producer and editor of Hex11 and a partner in HexComix.
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Panel Discussion
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50 Minutes