Being Crazy in Stan Lee’s Comic-Con Safely

Being Crazy in Stan Lee’s Comic-Con Safely – It’s insane not being crazy in Stan Lee’s Comic-Con. With so many things to focus on, any comic geek would burst in joy just by coming to the comic con. Maybe they won’t come home. However, don’t just take care of your euphoria and forget to take care of yourself too.

– Pack Your Essentials
There are some items that you need to pack before going to Stan Lee Comic Con. If you plan to attend this event, consider bringing the following stuffs:

  • Your phone. Make sure it is fully charged, since you may use it to take a lot of photos throughout the event. If necessary, bring a battery pack as well.
  • Bring some cash. While there will be ATMs in the venue and booths that allow payment by cards, it’s always convenient to bring some cash around. Who knows; maybe you will end up buying a lot of stuff in a cash-only booth.
  • Water bottle. Any visitor of Stan Lee Comic-Con bound to walk a lot during the event, so bringing a water bottle will be great. Don’t worry about running out of the water, though – there will be water stations in the LA venue.
  • Tickets. If you already bought the tickets, then don’t be the idiot and forget about it. This also goes for badges for second or third-day goers.

Since the venue will be packed with visitors, it’s best to dress light. However, if the weather is cold, get a backpack and pack a jacket or cardigan along with your essentials. Bringing extra clothes just in case is always wise in this event.

– Take Care of Your Meals
Why worry about meals when you can buy some in the venue? Well, sure, if you want to pay overpriced foods after a long queue. If not, then it’s always a good idea to eat a big breakfast. Later on, you can eat again as you go home, so there’s no need to suffer from the food trucks in the venue. In case you think you can’t handle hunger in the venue, it’s totally okay to bring snacks in as well.

Being a geek among hundreds of other geeks, it’s hard not being crazy in Stan Lee’s Comic-Con. After all, there are so many artists, celebrities, and cosplayers all around the event grounds. Besides that there are also promotional events from gambling sites that offer free ID registration for comic con visitor. However, don’t forget to take care of yourself in order to enjoy the events to the fullest.

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