Celebrating Comics through Los Angeles Comic Con

Celebrating Comics through Los Angeles Comic Con

Comic Convention has been the platform for the comic fans all around the world to celebrate the pop culture. We should thank Stan Lee for all of his great jobs for making us entertained by the sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero stories. The Comic Convention or Comic Con is usually annually held by many of the committee on earth. One of the exciting comic cons in the world must be Los Angeles Comic Con which usually opens in fall. You and your comic fanatic fans can celebrate the pop culture, comic, horror, fantasy, gaming, anime, and sci-fi with bunch of other fans and also meet the artists and creators behind your favorite stories in the convention.

This time Los Angeles Comic Con is introducing the #Octoversary as the subtitle of the event. The event that will be hold on October 27, 2018 up until October 29, 2018 is going to be much epic than the previous one. The committees of this event are expecting for over 100.000 people entering this annual convention. You can also pay for the booth if you have business in comic and fantasy things. For the reference, the previous Los Angeles Comic Con made more than $11 million came out of the attendees pocket throughout the event. Moreover, you can finally go public with your work and let other people who are interested in comic to enjoy your masterpiece. And if you are lucky enough, you can be the next Stan Lee! Who knows, right?

There will be many artists and creators joining the 8th Los Angeles Comic Con next October. Several artists and creators that told to be there are Patrick Owsley, Kimberly Brown, Marie Lum (PuccaNoodles), Derek Riggs, Tim Seely, Jamie Tyndall, Ryan Stegman, D.J. Kirkbride, Danny Trejo, Ryan Hurst, and many more. Of course Rob Liefeld the father of Deadpool and X-Force will be there too.

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