Comic Con 2020: Changes You Need to Expect

Comic Con 2020: Changes You Need to Expect – The news of coronavirus shocked the entire world because lots of events scheduled in 2020 were cancelled or delayed. The fans of geek culture are also shocked because they don’t know whether they can enjoy the upcoming Comic Con or not. The good news is that you can still participate in Comic Con 2020 with some adjustments you can expect.
– The Comic Con 2020
The upcoming Comic Con 2020 will not be held as previously scheduled. At first, the event will be conducted on 25-17 September, but as the coronavirus happened, they were forced to delay the event. Through their official announcement, the staff stated that they will carry out the event on December 11-13, 2020 so that they can arrange the events based on the health regulations.

The staff will arrange the event in such a way so that the attendees can be safe and healthy during the event. The staff will work together with the fans, vendors, conventions, and health authorities to design the event well.

Currently, they announce some major changes to be implemented during the events. The changes include adding more space for waiting, limiting capacity, maximizing density, and adding more space to hold the event. Meaning that not all fans can be here to enjoy the three-day event and if you cannot be here.

– More Surprises for Comic Con 2020
One of the major changes of the event is related to the online session of the event. Staff will broadcast the event, including the main stage and panel session, via live stream. You can buy a ticket for any day and you are eligible to enjoy the live stream for the entire day. Other than that, you can also buy the merchandise during the events on the online store. It will be a great chance for the fans who cannot come on site because they can watch the live stream and get the merchandise delivered at home like when watching the football match at to help you win the online betting game.

Adjustments will be made to ensure all participants are safe and healthy during the event. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the events because there will be more surprises coming.

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