Comic Con in Los Angeles: Stan Lee’s True Legacy

Comic Con in Los Angeles, Stan Lee’s True Legacy

Comic Con in Los Angeles: Stan Lee’s True Legacy

Comic Con in Los Angeles: Stan Lee’s True Legacy – Comic Con in Los Angeles can be one of the most anticipated events that many people always wait for. This cool occasion can really grab the attention of the people as it gives the chances to them to get to know about their favorite heroes in a fun way. In the simple words, there are so many interesting things that you cannot miss when you come to this event, which one of them is Stan Lee’s true legacy. The true legacy of this legendary superhero creator will definitely blow your mind for sure.

Well, do you really want to know the legacy of Stan Lee? If you do, you better keep reading below.
– The Diversity of the Superhero
One of the precious true legacies of Stan Lee that you can find at Comic Con in Los Angeles is the diversity of the superhero. Stan Lee had created so numerous superhero characters that people cannot forget even until today. It seems like he wanted to make the superheroes he made more relatable to larger audience. It is all because most of people preferred the superhero that looked like them and also struggled with the same challenges like what they had in their real life. So then, they would feel more recognized, respected, and understood as they had a superhero that represented them well. Based on this, fact, it is actually no wonder if there are many psychologist use comic books as the part of the therapies in order to get connected to their patients. They can use the struggles of the superhero to help the patients indirectly overcome their own struggles well.

– From No One to Someone
Furthermore, the distinctive true legacy of Stan Lee is that he took no one (an ordinary person) to get such a super power because of a rare accident which is commonly related to science like radiation. Some of those kinds of superhero are like Hulk with his gamma radiation, Fantastic Four with the cosmic rays, Spiderman and the radioactive spider, and so on. Unlike DC

Comics that shows you the superheroes with the destined greatness like what you can see from Superman, Aquaman, Batman, and many more; Stan Lee’s characters will definitely give the more fantasy, adventure, inspiration, and confidence to the story which everybody loves so much. Thus, that is the main reason why he has left the incredible works that will live forever in the lives of many people.

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