In Memory Of Stan Lee: Tributes in Stan Lee’s Comic Con 2019

In Memory Of Stan Lee Tributes in Stan Lees Comic Con 2019

In Memory Of Stan Lee: Tributes in Stan Lee’s Comic Con 2019 – When you think about Marvel’s icon, Stan Lee certainly is the one who came first to mind. This Marvel patriarch had done so much progress in comic book industry, not to mention iconic appearances in Marvel movies that people can’t help but miss. At least, in Stan Lee’s Comic Con 2019, that is certainly true.
• About Stan Lee’s Comic Con
Before it was named Stan Lee’s Comic Con, it goes by the name Comikaze Expo. Then, after Stan Lee and POW! Entertainment joined as a partner in 2012, it was renamed as Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo. It was only in 2016 the event name actually changed to Stan Lee’s Comic Con. Today, this expo is just as popular as those online games tournaments in.

The original Comikaze Expo itself already dealt with all sorts of comic book goods, arts, reunions, celebrity panels, future film showcasings, and cosplaying. However, ever since Stan Lee joined the party, the brand expanded and more partners joined in the event – growing the scale of the event every year. While the event itself is not fully ‘Marvel’, Stan Lee definitely became an icon of the event.

• Tributes to Stan Lee
When Stan Lee’s Comic Con in LA was held, Stan Lee was still alive and well. However, in the following November, he passed away – making Spiderman: Far From Home his last cameo in Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s why his comic con tributes only appeared in the closest event to his death, San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). In SDCC, there are three separate tributes/celebration in honor of Stan Lee. Making the event more packed compared to the past years, yet with somber moods.

• The Future of Stan Lee’s Comic Con
Since SDCC doesn’t use Stan Lee’s name in their brand, the event can go annually as per usual. But what about Stan Lee’s Comic Con who had Stan Lee as one of their first partners and even used his name for nine years straight? Well, apparently, they changed their name to ‘LA Comic Con’. In fact, the website already announced their event dates this year, which is September 25-27, 2020, in LA Convention Center as usual. Whether they will make a tribute just like SDCC is unknown.

The loss of Stan Lee sure made a huge blow, be it for Marvel or Marvel fans. However, his death doesn’t mean that Marvel is over – both the comic and cinematic industry still came up with released future plans. And of course, the comic con will still exist in the following years.

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