Los Angeles Comic Con Event activity and schedule

In 2019 this international comic con will be held again and takes place in Los Angeles, of course this will be a mandatory agenda for you to come there. In this comic con event, it is estimated that there will be more than 90 thousand participants, including 700 more artists and vendors from the comic industry in the world. But that number could have increased because of the large number of attendees and supporters of the event coming, not only that because the visitors who came were expected to be quite explosive because of this comic con event in Los Angeles, there were some interesting events that you should not miss out. Now the following is the event at Comic Los Angeles next con.

1. Comic exhibition
Comic exhibitions are a compulsory event that must always be in the international comic con event every year, not only launching new comics that will be done by some vendors from the comic industry, but also available several collections of comics that are neatly displayed and you can have by spending your pocket. It is estimated that there will also be a signing session for comics from major comic artists who will attend this event.

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2. Toy booth
Action figures are one of the most sought-after items throughout this event, from toy hobbyists to collectors coming to get toys that have been difficult to find. There are quite a lot of toy manufacturers that will come at the comic con event in Los Angeles this time, including also some characters that are quite rare in the market usually. Some toy outlets may be immediately presented during the event, but if you want more fun then come at the toy exhibition.

3.Cosplay contest
The international Comic con held in Los Angeles this time will also be filled with several characters from the characters that will color every day during the comic con event, but there will also be a play contest that will determine who the best cosplayers will be at this comic con event with their costume and also entertainment.

With all of the event on the comic con, we can see on why people admire this event and even try their best to attend to this event. The great event and also many interesting activity in this event can really a great relaxation from our usual daily life which can become really boring and stale.

The truth why Comic Con Is So Popular & Admired

The truth why Comic Con Is So Popular & Admired – Starting with the San Diego Comic Con, a celebration of culture and comic art which then began to develop and presents many aspects of art in it this is an annual event that is always asked by many people. If you look at the history first, maybe comic con is just an ordinary comic book convention in America.

But at the beginning of the program, comic con has created great enthusiasm from the visitors. But with increasing years and ideas that continue to arrive, comic con began to have several programs that varied in it. One reason comic con is very popular is because here almost everything about superheroes, wizards and other characters can be found in the same place and at the same time.

The entertainment industry began to glance at this annual international event until many comic vendors and producers appeared at the event, and not even rarely did comic artists come directly to just meet their comic readers or sign their latest comics. Besides that, the trend of playing games that are in the top position you can really feel while you are on the comic con event, at least there will be quite a lot of new games that you can try directly and you get for your gadget or personal console.

In its current development, the emergence of cosplay trends has also colored the comic con event. During this event, you can meet with cosplayers from all over the world who take part in the comic con and a big contest that determines the best cosplayers with their best costumes and actions during the event.

Comic con is always a big event that brings together many fans of comics, anime, and the actors behind the industry together. You will find many players that have the same love with you in the world of comics and pop culture that you might not have been able to find around you all this time.

In conclusion, whatever you are as long as you are a fans of pop culture, then comic con is one of the event that you should not miss. All of the enjoyment, entertainment, news and also information can really make your days a better one. Additionally, if you have some money to spare there are a lot of toys that you can purchase and it is usually pretty awesome as some of them are exclusive and limited sale.

The Comic Con Schedule and history that you fans need to know

Comic con is a big event that is always crowded with visitors, this event has even attracted many visitors since its inception in 1970. In the program there were many fans of comics, films, and some science fiction works that came to hold comic book conventions for the first time in the world located in California.

Eventually, this grand event became more crowded and attracted a lot of interest from all the world comic lovers, so the comic con event was held in almost all countries in the world. At least there is always a schedule of comic con around the world that is held alternately, which distinguishes only the month and date and certainly the country that organizes it.

The comic con held in 1973 officially made it as San Diego Comic Con which was the fourth Comic Con event, then in 1995 the program was officially renamed Comic Con International: San Diego. After the opening of the San Diego Convention Center, the house for comic con international events is always held there until now.

This international Comic con schedule has always become the most awaited thing by members from all over the world, the number of visitors has begun to boom even reaching more than 130 thousand people who have come to the comic con event in recent years. In the past, this event was only a means for conventions of international comics.

So now there are a lot of programs in it, including events for game lovers, anime, and scattered cosplayers who color the comic conferences every year at the San Diego Convention Center. Not only on the site, comic con has recorded several events in it since 2014 with more colorful concepts, such as comic sessions complete with signature areas from world comic writers, film and anime screenings, industry awards comics, cosplay competitions, and performances of modern popular art.

Therefore, if you are an anime fans, comic fans, manga fans or even a life action and movie fans, then comic con is a conference that you need to see. With many of the interesting activity and also entertainment that we can get in this event, this conference is one of the conference that are suitable for people who are interested in pop culture. As we already know pop culture has become quite popular among many generation this day, and comic con is an event which present all of the pop culture as its content.