The truth why Comic Con Is So Popular & Admired

The truth why Comic Con Is So Popular & Admired – Starting with the San Diego Comic Con, a celebration of culture and comic art which then began to develop and presents many aspects of art in it this is an annual event that is always asked by many people. If you look at the history first, maybe comic con is just an ordinary comic book convention in America.

But at the beginning of the program, comic con has created great enthusiasm from the visitors. But with increasing years and ideas that continue to arrive, comic con began to have several programs that varied in it. One reason comic con is very popular is because here almost everything about superheroes, wizards and other characters can be found in the same place and at the same time.

The entertainment industry began to glance at this annual international event until many comic vendors and producers appeared at the event, and not even rarely did comic artists come directly to just meet their comic readers or sign their latest comics. Besides that, the trend of playing games that are in the top position you can really feel while you are on the comic con event, at least there will be quite a lot of new games that you can try directly and you get for your gadget or personal console.

In its current development, the emergence of cosplay trends has also colored the comic con event. During this event, you can meet with cosplayers from all over the world who take part in the comic con and a big contest that determines the best cosplayers with their best costumes and actions during the event.

Comic con is always a big event that brings together many fans of comics, anime, and the actors behind the industry together. You will find many players that have the same love with you in the world of comics and pop culture that you might not have been able to find around you all this time.

In conclusion, whatever you are as long as you are a fans of pop culture, then comic con is one of the event that you should not miss. All of the enjoyment, entertainment, news and also information can really make your days a better one. Additionally, if you have some money to spare there are a lot of toys that you can purchase and it is usually pretty awesome as some of them are exclusive and limited sale.

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